You’ll soon be able to organize the Xbox One home screen anyway you like

Though things have come a long, long way since its launch in 2014, the Xbox One is still hard at work cleaning up its now-trademark messy Home screen.

In its latest attempt to clear things up, Microsoft is introducing a new update that, among other things, brings a customizable Home screen designed to get you straight to your favorite games, apps and/or friends.

Rolling out now to members of Xbox's Insider program, starting at the Alpha Ring tier, the updated Home screen allows you jump back into your most recent game right from the very first menu, plus shortcuts for your favorite games and friends — chosen and organized at your discretion.

But wait, there's more!

In addition to the Home menu, the Community screen — where users share their game clips, achievements and other goings-on with each other — has also gotten revamped for easier browsing. 

The Guide tab, used for quick navigation on the side, has also been tweaked for faster use — making getting to certain shortcuts like the settings menu that much quicker.

It's not just Xbox owners who will benefit from this update, either. Windows 10 owners will also get in on a newly design Game Bar feature that allows console and PC players to quickly access streaming and broadcast options mid-game.

While we're glad Xbox is (constantly) re-tooling its interface for ease-of-use, the reliance on cluttered icons and excessive ads remain the primary bane of the One's menus, which should probably get fixed before the Xbox One X shows up.

Curious how exactly your console interface will look soon? You can learn more about making the perfect Home screen and everything else planned for Xbox's upcoming UI update in the video below:

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