You can blame 'heavy' webpages for frustrating online shopping delays


There are few hallmarks of the holiday shopping season more frustrating than those infamous Black Friday check-out lines. 

It’s bad enough to have struggled through the crowds before sunrise in a battle for doorbuster specials. Waiting in line among the mass of other shoppers after the adrenaline has worn off and counting on an overtaxed seasonal employee manning the register to make the process run smoothly is even worse. 

There may be one other experience that can measure up on the frustration-scale: an online shopping system delay. 

The physical commitment and stress might not be on the same level, but being stripped of the advantages of buying online — staying home, dodging crowds and not being required to put on pants chief among them — is an unpleasant shock. In-store shoppers expect the lines, but online shoppers expect the instant gratification of clearing their shopping cart with a click. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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