Xbox One X pre-orders only available at two UK stores now

The Xbox One X pre-orders have been selling out nationwide since going live on Sunday evening at Gamescom. While more stores joined the party yesterday, we've seen initial stock allocation dry up at almost every UK retailer.

Amazon, Game, John Lewis, Currys. All gone. We know that many of you are still searching for a day one Xbox One X pre-order deal, so we've been through our extensive list of retailers and checked stock levels at every one to bring you the last remaining pre-orders. Naturally, you'll find direct links below.

Argos still seems to be taking orders and seeing as it usually delivers according to regional stock rather than a central location, we checked to see if it would take orders for a long list of random UK postcodes and every one of them checked out. This is great news as Argos is still only charging the RRP and hasn't jacked up the prices. Delivery is free too.

Tesco is also taking orders, albeit in £20 deposit form, with the rest of the cost to be billed at a later date. This option was available yesterday too, but seemed to sell out towards the end of the day. But hey, it's back on sale now – at the time of writing at least.

Both of these Xbox One X pre-orders are for the Project Scorpio Edition, with 'Project Scorpio' inscribed on the controller and console – pretty much all of the pre-orders are this version.

Is this your last chance to pre-order the Xbox One X ahead of launch on November 7? Probably not to be honest, but we wouldn't expect any discounts if that's what you're waiting for. Not this side of Black Friday at least. 

If you want to be absolutely sure of getting a 4K Xbox One X on day one though, we wouldn't wait too long. Just ask anyone that tried to get a Nintendo Switch deal around launch.

You really need a 4K TV to take advantage of the Xbox One X's power, thankfully they're not as expensive as they were a year or two ago. Why not take a peek at our cheap 4K TV deals. We've also listed 20 of the best Xbox One X enhanced games that should be on your radar too.

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