Windows 10 store will start selling e-books soon, leak suggests

Microsoft seems poised to get into the e-books business, judging by the latest leak posted by MSPowerUser. The outlet recent posted several images of Windows 10 store features depicting e-book sales pretty clearly.

Judging from the screen shots, the allegedly forthcoming e-books portion of the Windows Store will have its own dedicated tab and store front on PCs and phones running Windows 10. There’s a focus on providing curated lists and collections as well as advertised new releases.

MSPowerUser goes on to point out that this news follows Microsoft’s adoption of the EPUB file standard for e-books within its Edge browser. The outlet also reports that this was laying the groundwork for the Books page on the Windows Store, with Edge being the method for accessing purchased e-books.

Luckily, Edge is said to boast strong support for the EPUB standard, offering bookmarking as well as tables of contents, font customization and more through this file type.

The website finally reports that this feature will launch alongside the Creators Update set to release in spring 2017, so it shouldn’t be much longer (even less so for Insider Preview members). 

If you ask us, Microsoft would do well to find niche’s that Amazon hasn’t yet dominated, like technical documents, white papers, and perhaps even nerdier publications like zines.

In the meantime, we’ve contacted Microsoft for comment and will update this story should we receive a response.

Via PCWorld

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