Why John Lewis is the best place to buy the new Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung’s newly launched Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best devices the company has ever created with a 6.3-inch Infinity Display, powerful dual-rear sensor camera and an improved S Pen stylus that you can use to write notes on your phone.

If you’re planning to buy the Note 8, you should head to John Lewis where the phone is on sale right now.

From John Lewis you can buy it SIM free, which means you can use it with whatever network you usually use and you won’t be tied into an expensive two year long contract. Instead you can buy the phone and it’s yours to keep and do with as you wish.

Buying directly from John Lewis also means you’ll have a two year guarantee for the Galaxy Note 8 to give you extra peace of mind. John Lewis also gives you the choice of either black or gold versions of the phone.

The Note 8 can be bought either in store or online, plus you can get free Click and Collect delivery in John Lewis and Waitrose stores meaning you don’t need to be camping out overnight in a queue to know you’re one of the first to pick up the new phone.

If you’re looking for a phone that can make you as productive as possible, you’re right to be looking to buy the Galaxy Note 8.

It comes with the largest Infinity Display available on a Samsung phone meaning it looks futuristic while also offering a fantastically bright, sharp and bezeless screen.

With such a high resolution and large display that looks this good, it’s perfect for watching a movie but also great for when you need to get some work done too.

For productivity tasks there’s also the new and improved S Pen. It features over 4,000 levels of pressure sensitivity with its 0.7mm tip allowing you to create some fantastic digital artwork or just scribble down extensive notes.

There are also lots of options such as writing out notes (especially with the Screen Off memo feature that lets you grab notes without evening turning the screen on) and a feature that translates both foreign languages and currencies by just hovering the pen over the text.

This is also the first Samsung Galaxy Note to work with the Samsung DeX productivity station. DeX allows you to plug your phone into it and use it on a monitor with a keyboard and mouse, just like a normal PC.

Lots of apps are available with DeX and it means you can work on your phone while you’re on the move and just plug into DeX when you get to the office to keep working on the same document. That’s all without having to upload anything to the cloud.

When it comes to photography the Note 8 features an incredible dual-rear camera that combines two 12MP sensors to shoot at the same time and create some incredible depth effects by intelligently blurring the background or foreground of an image.

Multi-tasking on the Galaxy Note 8 is a breeze. With such powerful internals and a large display it means you can run two apps side by side and not have any issues. If you want to have two documents open at once, you can have them both on the same 6.3-inch display running together because there’s enough space and the phone’s internals can handle that.

If this sounds like the phone for you, be sure to head to the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 page on John Lewis’ website to set up an email alert for when the new phone is in stock.

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