We have so many questions about the Worst Tweet of Thanksgiving 2016: #GlockPie



Cooked to perfection
Photo credit: Lindsay Eisbrenner pic.twitter.com/qVrD0G9aut

— GLOCK Inc. (@GLOCKInc) November 16, 2016

1. Why? 

2. Are you expecting relatives to stage an armed insurrection?

3. Is the idea here that the pie is staging an insurrection?

4. Why is it outside?

5. Why is it on the ground?

6. Why is the gun just smooshed into the pie like that? You took the time to procure a pie, but couldn’t get a gun-shaped pie mold off Amazon or something?

7. Who made that pie crust? That pie crust looks absolutely bush league.

8. Is a good pie with a gun the only way to stop a bad pie?

9. Who at the Glock corporation comprehended and approved of this and what state of mind were they in? Related: Who gets a job in social media at Glock? Read more…

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