Under Trump, dark days ahead for net neutrality and the open internet



The battle for the future of a free and equal internet is flaring up again, and looks set to take a dramatic turn.

The momentous win that net neutrality advocates celebrated in 2015 is on track to be reversed during Donald Trump’s presidency.

On Monday, the president-elect named two high-profile opponents of net neutrality to oversee the transition of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which handles federal regulations of companies providing internet access to consumers. 

Quick refresher: “Net neutrality” is the principal that all internet traffic should be equal—that we should all have the same internet. That means: No blocking sites or throttling traffic by providers, or letting those same providers get away with selling faster, more open internet access to individuals or companies with the money to pay for it. The internet’s always worked this way, but in the past decade, the issue’s become a major concern for internet advocates worried about powerful business interests turning the web into a glorified version of cable television. Given Trump’s appointments, concern for the future of the issue is flaring up again. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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