Turkey's internet censorship is starting to look like China's 'Great Firewall'



The Turkish government is strengthening its already tight grip on the country’s internet.  

In the past, government officials have blocked Twitter, Facebook and other social networks where Turkish residents often discuss politics. These blocks have no doubt been maddening for many, but savvy internet users have been able to use virtual private networks (VPNs) to access their favorite social networks anyway. 

As of Dec. 18, Turkey has officially gone after VPNs and Tor, which had allowed users to remain anonymous, according to Turkey Blocks, which tracks internet censorship in the nation. Internet users in Turkey can still use what’s called a Tor bridge or customized VPNs to get around the intense censorship, but using such tools requires a degree of technical know-how that many likely don’t possess. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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