Three’s incredible 100GB SIM only deal keeps getting better – now just £18 per month

Just when you think that Three mobile has set the SIM only bar to unreachable heights, it comes along and pushes it up even further. It's our favourite ever sim only deal – and it just got even better.

Just a few weeks since the numerical network relaunched its best ever Black Friday SIMO sensation, it's gone and reduced the price…again. So now you get that incredible mound of 100GB data to use for all your streaming, surfing and downloading needs every month – together with unlimited calls and texts – for only £18 per month! That's another two quid less a month, and almost half of the £31 price Three's been flogging it at for most of 2018.

Possibly trying to take advantage of the new iPhone XS launch (released proper today), all Three SIM plans include travel upgrades with EasyJet, 4G hotspot, free international roaming and 'Go Binge' which allows you to stream the likes of Netflix and Apple Music without using up your data allowance – although the last of those seems pretty redundant when you already have 100GB to swim in.

Three has also discounted its mega-popular 30GB SIM only tariff – you can now get that one for £16 per month instead of £17. A small but glorious discount.

The best ever of Three's SIM only deals in full:

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