This Soldier is strengthening bonds and getting the job done


Because he’s stationed in Fort Hood, TX, this Soldier gets to serve his country while still spending a great amount of time at home in Houston. Cpl. Delgado is very close with his family, so that time together is precious.

Cpl. Delgado’s second family, his brigade, can be found just a stone’s throw away from his first. 

As a Computer/Detections Systems Repairer in the U.S. Army, Cpl. Delgado is excited about fixing things — a passion he shares with the other Soldiers. This kind of dedication creates a bond as strong as one found in any family. 

Cpl. Delgado passes down his extensive knowledge and experience by training others how to fix the vital equipment that Soldiers need in the field. His commitment to teaching matches the passion he has for his work. When these two areas of his life come together it creates something really special.   Read more…

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