This Samsung 5G prototype phone has a notch… but it’s in the corner

Samsung has yet to include a notch cut out on any of its phones, but it's showing off a 5G prototype smartphone with a notch that offers a design we haven't seen on any other phone.

This prototype device has a notch in the top right hand corner of the display, which is something the company hasn't announced before. We spotted the prototype in a Samsung demo room at Qualcomm's Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii.

Yesterday, Samsung and Verizon announced a partnership to bring one of the first 5G phones to market in 2019, and the prototype was being used to show off the company's own 5G technology.

This isn't guaranteed to be a design that's used on the final 5G device, Galaxy S10, or any other phone from Samsung. However, it's the first time that Samsung has been shown experimenting with a notch design in the real world.

Back at the Samsung Developer Conference in November, Samsung teased slides that showed four different notch designs called Infinity-U, Infitity-V, Infifty-O and New Infinity. But these aren't the same as the corner notch on the new prototype.

A whole new notch

This is the first time we've heard about the company including a notch in the top right hand corner of a display, and our limited time with the phone showed us what looked to be a selfie camera within the screen cutout.

A Samsung representative made it clear to us this is just a prototype device and wouldn't answer any questions about the design of the phone.

During the demo we could see the 5G logo in the system tray, confirming the phone was running on a high speed connection. 

The device was streaming a 4K video using a 5G base station in the same room and then showing the video on a TV through HDMI and a DeX docking station.

We may not see the side notch on any officially available devices from Samsung, but it's interesting to see the company experiment with yet another different notch that innovates on the ones we've often see in the center of the display of other flagship phones.

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