This one-day-only Xbox One bundle has four of the year’s hottest games at a Black Friday price

Let's face it, Xbox One deals have been a bit rubbish over the summer and we usually expect a slight slump once we get in October as retailers take a deep breath before the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales begin. 

But this? This is the best Xbox One deal we've seen all year by some distance and we wouldn't be surprised to see nothing else beat it this year. Don't hang about though, as this is a one-day-only Amazon Deal of the Day. You're getting a 1TB Xbox One with  a download code for Shadow of the Tomb Raider along with physical copies for Assassin's Creed Odyssey: Limited Edition, FIFA 19 and Far Cry 5: Limited Edition all for just £229.99.

How good is this deal? Well, the new Assassin's game isn't even out yet (this bundle will be released in a few days' time on the 5th). Both Assassin's Creed Odyssey and FIFA 19 are so new they still cost close to £50 at most stores. You'll struggle to find Shadow of the Tomb Raider for less than £40 as that's only been out for a few weeks. Far Cry 5 can be tracked down for just under £30. All in all, you're getting around £170 worth of excellent games, meaning you're essentially only paying around £60 for a 1TB Xbox One S.

Compared to bundle prices over the summer, you were looking at one of these games at best with the 1TB console for around £250. That's why this one has pretty much rocked our faces off. It ends today though!

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