This leak could be your first look at Android O

Renowned tipster Evan Blass has tweeted a fresh picture which clearly hints that the upcoming Android 8.0 will be called as Oreo. Google has already announced the official release date of Android O.

‘What will be the name of Android O?’ is currently one of the most-asked questions among smartphone enthusiasts. While the final countdown has begun for the launch of the successor of Android Nougat, popular tipster Evan Blass has posted a new image suggesting ‘Oreo’ to be the ultimate name of the Android 8.0.

The leaked photograph depicts a bird-shaped Android Mascot with an animated Oreo cookie at its heart. Meanwhile, another source claims that the upcoming Android version would be named Orellete, a Canadian Pastry. However, Oreo seems to be the more believable one.

All these will be cleared at Google’s Android O launch event scheduled to be held today in New York at 2:40 pm EDT which is 22nd July 12:10 am IST (Indian Standard Time). The occasion directly coincides with the impending total solar eclipse.

Now that you know about the expected naming and release date of Android O, let’s talk a bit about its features.

Android O Features

While the nomenclature of the next Android OS is yet to get confirmed, we already have a fair amount of idea about its features. It has been months since Google had released the preview version of Android O for its Nexus and Pixel smartphones. So, here are the top features of Android 8.0 Oreo.

Innovative Notifications

With Android O, Google is going to offer fully customisable notifications. You will be able to modify the category, priority, and channel of notification of respective applications. Another interesting thing is the notification badges. Also known as notification dots, these will show up on the app shortcuts placed in the launcher.

Moreover, the upcoming Android version would let you snooze notifications to reappear sometime later. You can also set specific timeout duration for each notification, after which it will clear off automatically.

Intelligent Autofill

The alleged Android Oreo will come equipped with AI-assisted autofill framework. This will memorise your login and credit or debit card credentials eliminating the need to type them over and over again as required by some apps.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

This is one of the highly acclaimed features of the Android O. The Picture-in-Picture mode facilitates video playback in customisable floating windows. This should open up a new dimension of multitasking on your smartphone.

Bluetooth 5.0 Support

Android Oreo shall come with native support the Bluetooth Low-Energy (BLE) 5.0 standard. It will first version of Android to be directly compatible with the latest iteration of Bluetooth.

Smart Text Selection

The upcoming Android operating system is going to facilitate some powerful AI-driven capabilities. Smart Text Selection is one of them. The new feature shall use artificial intelligence to select meaningful portions of a text document. For an instance, if you long press on a word within an address or a name of a restaurant or email address, etc. the system would select the entire entity.

Wrapping it up

Well, these are some of the prime features of Android O or allegedly Android 8.0 Oreo. There are some other goodies like reduced booting and app launching time, improved system UI fluidity, etc. Stay tuned for a comprehensive overview of the features after Google releases the next Android version in the next couple of hours.

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