This cord-cutting company picks up where Aereo left off


Remember Aereo, the startup that tried to offer over-the-air TV via the internet only to have the Supreme Court shut it down? Well, another company is picking up the OTA dream where Aereo left off.

Mohu, which describes itself as the “cord cutting company,” is launching a product called the AirWave at CES 2017. Similar to Aereo, it lets users watch live OTA TV shows on any device, but it goes further: The AirWave integrates live TV channels with over-the-top streaming services into a single app.

That’s pretty cool, but it also differs from Aereo in a way that might put it on more solid legal footing: The AirWave is essentially an antenna paired with an app, meaning the user will have have to set it up in their own home (Aereo required users to lease an antenna in a remote location). That means the OTA content will be limited to what’s available locally and receivable by the AirWave. Only devices on the same Wi-Fi network as the AirWave will be able to stream the broadcasts. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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