These leaked images could be our best look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 so far

Rumours and renders keep piling in for Samsung’s Galaxy S7 successor, and now we have what appears to be our best look yet at the upcoming flagship phone, thanks to Veniamin Geskin.

Though Geskin is typically known for creating phone renders, the image shared today is of a physical, real life phone, leading many to believe that the Samsung Galaxy S8 will be making its debut at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona late next month.

Photographed in a different light and with the screen turned off, the design of the phone in today’s image is identical to one that appeared in leaked images on Weibo a fortnight ago.

The images back up many of the rumours that have been circulating about the Samsung Galaxy S8, including its curved glass screen, complete lack of a home button, tiny bezels and greatly reduced top and bottom border areas. 

You can expect more leaks regarding the Samsung Galaxy S8 in the weeks leading up to MWC 2017 and as we head towards its rumoured April launch.

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