These free upfront 100GB data Galaxy Note 9 deals are the best we’ve seen yet

August's big Samsung Note 9 release already feels like a distant memory. With the iPhone XS following soon afterwards, the Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL not far away and Black Friday 2018 looming large, Note 9 headlines have rather fallen away.

But wait. What's this? A new price reduction on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 deals from online smartphone retailer Mobile Phones Direct that pretty much blows all the others out of the water. A timely intervention.

It's offering 100GB of data on O2 with absolutely nothing to pay upfront. Then, after that, you can pay either £49 per month for the 128GB model, or £60 per month for the juggernaut of a 512GB Galaxy Note 9.

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On top of that enormous data allowance, your calls and texts are entirely unlimited. And because you'll be on O2, you'll also be privy to the network's famed Priority rewards for the odd free coffee, cheap dinner and first dibs on gig tickets.

The overall cost of the 128GB Note 9 deal is over £200 cheaper than you can pay at the moment on equivalent iPhone XS tariffs. And if you take even a cursory glance of our Samsung Note 9 deals comparison at the bottom of this page you'll see that these new prices are head and shoulders above what else is out there right now. So there's nothing stopping you…

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