These are the top 16 movies of 2016


Controversial opinion: 2016 has been a great year.

For movies.

After I bah-humbugged 2014 and declared 2015 a dud for prestige films, 2016 – for all the suffering and heartbreak it hath wrought outside the cinema – brought forth so many great films that a Top 10 list just wasn’t going to cover it. This list goes to 16.

That’s right 2016, we’re taking the number 16 back. And throwing it in your dumb face because guess what? You were terrible, but your movies ruled.

As I’ve done in the past, I informally polled the known film buffs among Mashable‘s offices in Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and beyond to gather their thoughts and consensus (not to mention a few threats to fight one another over Rogue One opinions).  Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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