The small, foldable DJI Mavic Pro is the ultimate personal drone


Owning a DJI Mavic Pro is a little like having a secret. The drone is so small, light and, most importantly, foldable, that it can easily fit in a backpack, a large handbag or even a car’s glove compartment. No one looking at me walking down the streets of Manhattan would know I have the power of flight in my backpack.

It’s more, though, than just the size that makes DJI’s new pro-sumer drone a winner. It’s expertly designed, smart and one of the easiest-to-fly drones I have ever encountered.

The $999 drone – and included remote – is unlike anything DJI has ever produced before. Gone are the smooth curves of DJI’s Phantom series. Instead you have a tough, gray plastic body and slightly military-looking lines that might remind you of a tiny tank. It weighs just 1.64 pounds and, folded, is 83x83x198 millimeters — about the size of a water bottle. The four rotors attach bayonet-style to the arms and, for the first time in my memory, there are no back-up blades.  Read more…

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