The best cheap Chromebook deals in January 2017

Chromebooks are already designed to be laptops for those without the scratch for some high-falutin’ Ultrabook or MacBook. So, to find deals on devices already designed to be cheap can be a difficult undertaking.

Alas, laptop makers like Acer, Asus, Dell and more have managed to wow us, with considerable savings on some of their most impressive Chrome OS laptops this January. Below, you’ll find the best deals per brand across the web’s largest retailers. Just remember that these deals are available as of last writing, so note the article’s time stamp.

This month, the best deal you’ll find on an Acer Chromebook is saving $50 off of this 4GB RAM variety of the Acer Chromebook 15. For just $249 on Amazon in the US, you can score a big-screen Acer Chromebook with twice as much multitasking power for the same price as the entry-level model. You’ll be hard pressed to find a 15-inch laptop for 250 bucks elsewhere.

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While it’s not exactly a steal, Asus is already offering one of its latest Chromebooks up at a discounted price. The Asus Chromebook C300SA is available on Amazon for 30 bucks off of its US price of $229, and is for sale on NewEgg at the same price. This is a Chromebook with 4GB of RAM for under 200 clams – a rare find.

Dell admittedly hasn’t invested much into the Chromebook, not having many models for which to enjoy sales and deals. However, the firm has slashed the price of its leading Chromebook 11 by around $100 across the board in the US. This has allowed Amazon to sell the device with 4GB of RAM for more than $100 off at just $239, while NewEgg is selling the same model for $238 in the US.

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This month, the best Chromebook deal from HP is actually on its most expensive: the HP Chromebook 13. This Chromebook is the most like Google’s own high-end and discontinued Pixel line of Chromebooks, giving Chrome OS the highest-end hardware to work with. The result is an $819 laptop – the version with Intel’s 6th generation Core m5 processor – in the US, though HP is selling it for just $749 from its own website.

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Lenovo isn’t known for its oodles of Chromebooks, either, so that we’re able to save on the firm’s leading Chromebook is a treat. You can have the ruggedized and touch-ready N22 Chromebook from Lenovo for 20 bucks off its $199 list price on NewEgg in the US, while Amazon is offering one with a slightly better processor for just $219 in the US.

We all know Samsung as another firm to be stingy with its deals, so we’re glad to report that a “high-end” version of the Chromebook 3 can be had for less than ever before. Both on its website and on Amazon, Samsung has slashed 50 bucks from its US asking price to just $179 for the 4GB model. That’s a pretty sharp and strong 11.6-inch laptop for less than 200 clams.

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