Tesla is one step closer to producing its Model 3



LAS VEGAS — Tesla’s enormous battery factory is now open for business. The company’s Gigafactory, located in the Nevada desert outside of Reno, began producing its first batteries, Tesla announced. 

The batteries produced there will help power Tesla’s upcoming Model 3 and its energy storage products. 

Tesla is producing the batteries in conjunction with Panasonic, which has made a large investment in the project. Panasonic will use cells produced at the factory in its products as well. 

The factory’s opening is good news for Tesla fans awaiting the company’s upcoming Model 3, which has faced production delays. Beginning production of the cells that will power the Model 3 is a significant step toward making the car a reality — though it’s unlikely the factory’s opening will impact the expected 2018 ship dateRead more…

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Source: Mashable

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