Tesco Mobile is offering ‘affordable Christmas presents’ with new iPhone and mobile deals

Tis the season for phone deals, or at least so it would seem at Tesco. Tesco Mobile has released a range of affordable iPhone and SIM only deals to help you wrap up your Christmas shopping. 

Until Boxing Day, Tesco Mobile is offering up SIM only contracts and iPhones with reduced price tags to get you into the Christmas spirit. If you're looking for a new iPhone for somebody before the big day maybe this cheap iPhone SE deal with 500MB of data and 5000 minutes and texts for £12.50 per month could be a candiate. Or you could always spend a little more and go for the bigger iPhone 6 with the same data and texts for £15.99 per month – a bargain for that price.

Head to Tesco Mobile to take advantage of these deals 

One important note with these iPhone deals is that they are 36 month. So that means a three year term, but with added flexibility so you can upgrade to new phones or change your data allowances during this time. 

If instead you're looking for a SIM only deal, Tesco has a couple of new offers. There's the low cost 4GB data, 500 minutes and 5000 texts for £9 a month. Or if you're happy to up your monthly spending, you could get a 8GB of data, 5000 minutes and texts contract for £12.50 a month.

Why go for Tesco Mobile deals?

Tesco Mobile prides itself on its flexible contracts, you can change your data, phone and length at any time (although this will alter your monthly cost).  Tesco is also partnered with O2 meaning you get O2's great network coverage and Tesco Mobile offers rewards for family's who pay together with one monthly bill. 

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