TalkTalk reduces its broadband deals again – now from only £17 per month

TalkTalk broadband just reduced the price of its best broadband deals…again. Already one of the cheapest internet providers on the market, it now has the beating of pretty much every other company, leaving the likes of BT broadband and Sky trailing way behind in the race for cheap broadband deals.

So that means you can sign up for broadband now for as little as £17 per month, and you don't even have to pay anything upfront. Need a little extra speed? Then its Faster Fibre deal will only set you back £25 per month.

And if you're shaking your head and muttering something about prices shooting up after a few months (Mr or Mrs Cynical, you) then you have nothing to fear with TalkTalk's broadband deals. The provider guarantees its prices for the duration of the term.

For full details about its internet offers and how much you'll save compared to the competition, keep on reading…

TalkTalk's super cheap broadband deal

Best broadband deals from other providers

TalkTalk's price drop makes it the cheapest mainstream internet provider out there – sub-£18 monthly bills don't come around that often and here's how it compares to the rest:

The only provider that can manage cheaper is little-known POP Telecom. That's because we've arranged an EXCLUSIVE price just for TechRadar readers. You can get POP for a mere £16.80 per month with no set up fees whatsoever. Bargain!

Existing TalkTalk broadband customers

If you're half way through your contract with TalkTalk and are rubbing your hands at the thought of reduced bills for the next six month, then we have some bad news – this £17pm offer is available to new customers only. So that also means you're out of luck if you've previously been with TalkTalk and want to head on back.

If you're looking for a new broadband deal but are exempt from this TalkTalk deal, then TechRadar is still here to help you find the best price. Whether it be super fast fibre broadband, broadband and TV, or any other broadband package deal, our price comparison tools will help you pay the least for your internet.

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