Survivalist's YouTube account was almost the only good thing about 2016


Please excuse me while I watch a man make a prawn trap with his bare hands, for what’s left of 2016.

The YouTube account Primitive Technology has only 22 videos, but each is a gem. More than 20 million views prove it — watching someone build a mud hut with only rudimentary tools is excellent viewing. 

The man behind the account, who has remained anonymous, says on his blog he lives in far north Queensland, Australia. So far he seems to have passed on media interviews, including my own. 

Perhaps he knows where his charm lies. The appeal of the videos is bound to their silence. 

There is no speaking. No Bear “everything about the desert will suck you dry” Grylls narration. All you hear are the sounds of Australian bushland and stone against wood. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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