Stop watch: HTC isn’t making an Android Wear smartwatch right now

Anyone hoping for an HTC-branded Android Wear device should brace for disappointment, as an executive put it rather definitively that HTC has no plans to make a smartwatch in the near future.

"We are not going to have a watch in the short term,"  said Chialin Chang, president of smartphones at HTC during an interview with Tbreak.

This comment comes days after leaked images claiming to be the rumored HTC Halfbeak surfaced. Even if the leak was legitimate, it appears HTC has no interest in taking the suspected prototype to market.

The device in the photos also sported an older version of the Android Wear OS in a time where Android Wear 2.0 is on the horizon, fueling the odds that any plans HTC had for smartwatches were canned a while ago.

"Android watch is one thing, but even Apple as a big brand is declining," said Chang in reference to a noticeable drop in wearable sales last year, with companies like Pebble and even Microsoft ducking out of the game altogether.

While unlikely, it's possible HTC is just showing its poker face to keep whatever wearables it has under its sleeve a surprise. Either way, the best opportunity to learn HTC's plans for the future will be during this year's Mobile World Congress.

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