Some disturbed and festive Trekkie made a gingerbread USS Enterprise going down in a fiery crash


We’ve already seen what happens when you turn a gingerbread house into a castle, but someone has now stepped up to the plate and created a Star Trek gingerbread concoction. 

Reddit user ejustice shared their own artwork, the Starship Gingerprise. It’s a smaller, gingerbread version of the fictional Star Trek space craft, the Starship Enterprise and ejustice’s version shows the bold craft crash-landing amidst cotton clouds and iced gingerbread cookies. 

According to ejustice’s reddit comments, they used this recipe to create the gingerbread space craft. Apparently, everything is glued together with caramelized sugar, and the project took roughly six days to complete.  Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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