Sky Mobile to offer 20GB Piggybank Data on new iPhone XR deals

Apple fans that want to cash in on the latest iPhone XR are in for a treat from Sky Mobile when it comes to their data. The handset – pre-orders for which kick off tomorrow morning – on contract will come with a hefty 20GB of Piggybank Data with prices starting at £34 per month.

The Piggybank Data is a 20GB block that can be used over the length of your contract as a supplement to your usual monthly allowance. Any unused data each month will "Roll" into that Piggybank to be used later. For current Sky VIP customers there's an extra 10GB of data on top of that if bought in pre-order week (the iPhone XR hits the shelves properly on Friday October 26).

You can even use your Sky Piggybank credit to get money off devices and accessories. The rewards available will change each month and have included phone cases and bluetooth speakers in the past.

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The iPhone XR contract options from Sky Mobile come in two forms: Swap12 and Swap 24. As the names suggest these allow you to swap out your handset for the latest new smartphone either at the 12-month or 24-month mark. Of course if you commit to the longer 24-month option you'll get the deal cheaper right now.

Swap24 has no upfront cost and offers the iPhone XR 64GB with 1GB of data, unlimited calls and texts for Sky TV customers for £34 per month (non-Sky TV customers pay more). Swap12 has a £99 upfront charge and offers the same 1GB of data for £44 per month. 

Prices go up from there on Swap24 at £40 for 4GB, £43 for 5GB and £48 for 15GB. For Swap12 prices are £50 for 4GB, £53 for 5GB and £58 for 15GB.

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