SIMO bargain alert: 10GB for £10 per month SIM only deal from iD

If your mobile phone contract has just expired, or you're looking for a great value SIMO to slot into a new handset you've just bought, then you'll want to give us a few minutes of your attention. Because Carphone Warehouse's in-house phone network iD has just launched a SIM only deal that offers sensational value.

It's not unusual for iD Mobile to offer cheap SIM only plans, but its latest 10GB for £10 per month may just be the most impressive its ever offered. 10GB is a plentiful data allowance for surfing the net, streaming music and navigating with Google Maps on the go.

The only way anybody else can get close at the moment is by offering big cashback that you have to claim over the course of the 12-month contract – check out today's best SIM only deals page to see what we mean.

With iD's offer, you don't have to bother with any of that faff to get the great price. And you aren't tied in for a whole year either, as iD goes with a one month rolling model giving you flexibility if your circumstances ever change and you need to look at other options.

Why should I choose iD mobile?

You may not be that familiar with iD – it's not necessarily a household name like networks such as O2 or Vodafone. But in addition to its ridiculously cheap prices, there are other reasons why iD could be a good fit for your next SIM card:

Flexibility As we say above, iD is popular with a lot of people for offering 30 day contracts rather than the one year commitments offered by most big networks.

Data rollover This is a lovely little innovation, which could come in very handy now you'll be on 10GB a month. If, for example, you use only 6GB of data one month it means that you'll have 14GB to play with in the next 30 days. Handy if you're expecting to be away from the Wi-Fi a lot in the future as you can save your data up to use when you most need it.

4G calling If phone reception is rubbish where you live or work, you can utilise iD's 4G prowess to make calls using data rather than your call allowance. That's particularly handy when you consider you only get 300 minutes a month with the above deal.

Capping One of those people who always seems to go over their data or call allowances and ends up with a whacking great bill every month. Then we reckon you'll want to take advantage of iD's capping feature, which puts a limit on your spend. But with that healthy 10GB of data to use, you hopefully won't need to rely on the cap too much anyway.

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