See how to get a 20GB SIM only deal for an incredible £8 per month

To be entirely frank, there's something about cashback that we don't really get. 'Pay us for a product or service', the retailer says, 'and we'll give you some money back'. OK then.

But we certainly can't ignore them, and especially when they're as gob-smacking as these SIM only deals with enormous cashback from online phone retailer It's currently offering up to £162 on selected SIMO plans on Vodafone, and we'll tell you all about them.

Claim up to £162 cashback with these SIM only deals

The standout figure is on Mobiles' best 20GB SIM plan. It costs an already reasonable £20 per month, but you can claim back £144 cashback. That makes the effective monthly cost over the 12-month contract only £8 per month.

And if 20GB somehow isn't enough data for your streaming, surfing and downloading needs, then crank things up to 40GB. The £162 cashback you can claim means that the £25 monthly payments are effectively reduced to £11.50 per month. You can check out the SIM only price comparison at the bottom of this page, but trust us when we say that 40GB data for £11.50 per month is basically unheard of!

The above tariffs work on so-called 'cashback by redemption'. That means that you have to send an email five times over the course of your contract to tell them to send you one-fifth of your total cashback. A bit of a hassle, but totally worth the slight inconvenience considering the savings.

But if you can't be bothered or know that you'll forget to claim, then there's another option. It's less impressive – but only just. has also increased the love for its automatic cashback, which means there's no steps to follow after purchase. Just a nice, fat windfall to look forward to.

So that 20GB SIM for £20 SIM gets a £110 cashback boost. Work out the effective monthly payments, and they're down to only £10.83 per month.

Or, if that mega 40GB Vodafone data SIM only deal has caught your attention, then the automatic cashback available comes in at £130 cashback, meaning an average of £14.17 per month payments if you work it out over the course of the year.

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