Score the latest iPad at the best holiday price we’ve seen

If you missed this year's fantastic Black Friday deals on iPads, you’re in for a treat: Amazon has a deal that cuts nearly $60 off the pricetag for the latest 32GB iPad, bringing it down to $269. 

Given how rarely Apple devices see discounts – even during bargain seasons – this is a great opportunity. And it’s just shy of the lowest Black Friday price we saw. 

The new 2018 iPad arrived back in October as the latest version of Apple’s main (non-Pro) line.

It features the A10 Fusion chip, which is a modified version of the A10 processor that arrived on the iPhone 7 two years ago. While that’s not quite as advanced as the A12X chips on the new iPad Pro, the iPad 2018 is still plenty fast enough to multitask, play the latest mobile games and browse the internet.

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