Samsung Galaxy S9 could adapt to your needs with modular accessories

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is likely to be packed full of innovation, but according to a new rumor it might take inspiration from some existing phones too, by sporting a modular design, with magnets on the back letting you clip accessories to it.

That sounds a lot like the Moto Mods system used by handsets such as the Moto Z2 Force, or to some extent even the LG G5. But if Samsung is going to borrow ideas this is a great one to choose, as it could make the Samsung Galaxy S9 hugely customizable.

The claim was made by Eldar Murtazin, a rumor monger with a somewhat mixed track record, so we’d take it with a pinch of salt, especially as he only says the S9 is “likely” to have modular capabilities, and that “this option is not approved.”

He doesn’t say what modules would be offered either, but if Samsung goes all in with the idea there could be any number of optional augmentations, from battery packs to zoom lenses, projectors, bigger speakers and more.

This would allow you to simply purchase and attach whichever one most interests you, and swap it for an alternative whenever you want.

Modules won't fix everything

Promising as that sounds it’s not all good news, as in the same Twitter thread Murtazin appears to say that the fingerprint scanner won’t be built into the display, suggesting it will remain in its slightly unpopular position on the back of the phone, just like it is on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

But again, we’d take any of his claims with a pinch of salt, especially this far from launch, as even if that’s the plan now Samsung has time to change its mind.

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