Samsung Galaxy S8 could land on April 18 with a fancy front-facing camera

While there isn’t much agreement on the exact date that we’ll see the Samsung Galaxy S8, it's looking increasingly likely that we’ll see it in April, rather than at MWC 2017 in late February, which is Samsung’s usual event of choice.

The latest rumor, this time from industry insiders speaking to ETNews, is that the Galaxy S8 will launch on April 15.

We’d take that with a pinch of salt, especially as an earlier rumor suggested a launch date of April 18, but they’re only a few days apart, so mid-April is very possible, and most launch rumors are leaning towards some point in April.

More pixels, better focus

As well as a new release date rumor, these sources backed up earlier talk of a vastly improved front-facing camera, with an 8MP sensor (up from 5MP on the Samsung Galaxy S7) and an autofocus, where most selfie snappers have a fixed focus.

Autofocus should make the camera more adept at focusing on subjects at varying distances, which could be of questionable usefulness on a camera designed primarily for taking close-ups of your own face, but it’s a feature most rival phones won’t likely have.

While we possibly still have a few months to wait for the Samsung Galaxy S8’s official announcement, you can get an idea of how it might look already, as Samsung Display may have revealed the phone early in a pair of videos.

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