Samsung Galaxy Note 8 deals to get more expensive next week

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has been a triumphant return to grace for Samsung’s phablet series. It went on general sale on Friday, the same day that pre-orders opened for the iPhone 8 and reviews have been very positive.

If you shop around, you’ll notice that the prices of Galaxy Note 8 deals on contract are really quite similar to those of the iPhone 8. Take our favourite iPhone 8 launch deal for example – 10GB data on O2, £39 per month and £150 upfront for the iPhone 8. It’s exactly the same as this one on the Galaxy Note 8 – with a total cost of £1086 over two years.

So given that the iPhone 8 retails at £699 and the Note 8 at £869 (or £830 at Amazon right now), does that mean the Note 8 deals are cheap or are the iPhone 8 deals expensive?

Note 8 prices going up

We may have got our answer as we’ve received word that as of next week the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will be going up in price. The SIM-free price will remain static, but prices of the best-value deals on contract will be going up.

This is largely due to the fact that most of the best value deals are currently available at In our round-up of the best Samsung Note 8 deals, almost all our picks came from there, but the Carphone Warehouse owned site is now preparing to re-price all its Note 8 deals at midnight next Monday with countdown timers appearing next to the best deals.

We contacted Mobiles to get the lowdown and they confirmed that Note 8 deals are indeed to be priced upwards, with current exclusive promotions ending. It's very unlikely that any other site will step in with some better deals.

So the message from us is – if you’re planning on getting a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in the next month, strike now before the prices go up. You can browse and compare the best deals using our Note 8 price comparison tools. Otherwise, you might be better off waiting until Black Friday.

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