Prepare to get emotional over this new short film about opportunity


Over the Holidays we’re all accustomed to getting a little emotional. As a time for celebrating and reflecting on the past year, the Holidays is special to each and every one of us for different reasons. Of course, having the opportunity to celebrate the Holidays with loved ones is something not everyone has a chance at, and Thai Life Insurance’s latest short film “Opportunity” is sure to speak to those who have struggled to create opportunity in times of darkness.

But what does opportunity mean? This is the burning question that lies at the centre of “Opportunity”.

At the core of Thai Life is a stringent belief in the “value of life”, and this short film focuses on the everyday hero overcoming adversity, seizing their own opportunities and creating opportunity for those less fortunate and for those whose struggle we know. It’s an emotional journey, beginning with the presentation of the question: “How do opportunities arise?” Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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