People are loving this brother's touching RuPaul-themed Christmas gift


LONDON — When you get a present from someone, you can normally tell how much effort has gone into it.

The ones that you remember the most — the ones that really mean something — aren’t always the biggest or most expensive gifts, either; they’re often the ones that are the most personal to you.

For Christmas, 28-year-old Stu Forward from London received a touching present from his younger brother: a custom-made RuPaul version of the game “Guess Who?”.

My straight rugbyplayer brother made me a RuPaul Guess Who. Like actually spent hours finding and cutting out drag queens. Feels special 🎄🙌🏼

— Stu TurtleDoves 🕊🎄 (@StuForward) December 25, 2016 Read more…

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