OnePlus 6 leak points to a Snapdragon 845 and a notch

Following a recent leak that seemingly showed the OnePlus 6 in the flesh there's now further evidence that the phone will have a notch in the screen, as a pair of screenshots seemingly taken from a OnePlus 6 handset have also now leaked.

Obtained by Android Central from a "source close to OnePlus", the screenshots are in a 19:9 aspect ratio, which would mean the screen they're taken on is long and narrow, as has become trendy in the last year or so.

More tellingly though the icons along the top are squeezed against either side with a large empty space in the middle, strongly suggesting the presence of a notch like we've seen on the iPhone X and several other recent phones.

If these screenshots are from a OnePlus 6 they reveal a lot. Credit: Android Central

A high-scoring phone

The content of the screenshots is interesting too as they show an AnTuTu benchmark with an overall score of 276,510, and while the chipset isn't listed that score is very high, suggesting that a top-end one is in use, with the new Snapdragon 845 being the likely candidate.

That suggests the OnePlus 6 will be every bit as high-end as we'd expect, especially as earlier leaks point to a dual-lens camera and a minimum of 6GB of RAM.

We can't say for sure yet whether any of this is accurate, but we're likely to hear a lot more between now and the announcement of the OnePlus 6, which will probably happen around June.

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