Nvidia Titan RTX shows up online, could be coming soon

Nvidia is teasing the release of its Titan RTX graphics card – which will doubtless be a powerhouse of a GPU – in a series of leaks spilled on social media.

As spotted by PC Gamer, the card turned up in an image tweeted by Andrew Ng, the co-founder of Coursera, nestling inside a PC he was trying out some ‘new hardware’ in.

Along with that, Gavin Free – creator of YouTube channel ‘The Slow Mo Guys’ – posted an image of the GPU on Instagram, in a very similar pic with the PC side panel open so you can see the card and the glowing Titan logo.

If that's not evidence enough, during a Linus Tech Tips video, the box of the Titan RTX was ‘accidentally’ pulled out and shown off.

Convenient leaks

While these could be a bunch of accidental leaks of the graphics card and its box, it’s likely that Nvidia has given permission for these folks to tease the Titan RTX  – and if the aim is to begin to drum up excitement now, we can hope that a launch is fairly imminent.

Naturally, we are expecting a graphics card with a huge amount of power on tap, and a GPU that outdoes the already blisteringly fast GeForce RTX 2080 Ti.

We loved the latter in our review, where it snagged a ‘best in class’ award, allowing for high frame rate gaming in 4K resolution with just one card – although it is extremely pricey. Of course, the Titan RTX is likely to be even more expensive.

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