New Pokemon Go accessory promises to vibrate you in the direction of your ‘mons

It’s fair to say that the hype surrounding Pokémon Go isn’t exactly what it once was when the game took over the world last summer, but there’s still enough interest in it for third party manufacturers to try and get in on the action. 

The latest to try is Happic, which has produced a connected wristband that the company claims will direct you towards nearby Pokémon without the need to look at your screen. 

Happic’s site claims that the band uses vibrations around the wrist to let you know a Pokémon’s location and rarity, while also giving you the option of swiping the band to read this information visually. 

Cheaper, but not better, than an Apple Watch

Interestingly, this direction information is not currently provided by the other two Pokémon Go wearables, the Pokémon Go Plus and the Apple Watch app.
However the band lacks functionality that is provided by even the budget Plus accessory.

There’s no mention, for example, of being able to actually catch Pokémon with the band once you locate them, and nor does it mention being able to activate nearby Poke-stops.

So while you’ll be able to leave your phone in your pocket while you walk around, it looks like you’ll still need to pull it out to catch the all important ‘mons.

Happic is yet to announce pricing or availability for its band, although you can sign up for updates on its site

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