New iPhone 2018: everything you need to know on the latest iPhone leaks

If you're looking for information on the new iPhones rumored to arrive this year, you've come to the right place.

Current rumors point to three new devices, with an upgrade to the iPhone X arriving alongside a larger version of Apple's most premium smartphone to date, plus there's a third, cheaper device that could launch as well, making the range a little more accessible.

Things are getting a little confusing, what with the sheer quantity of new iPhone leaks and rumors regarding three devices with yet-to-be-confirmed names. Luckily, we're here to help you make sense of all the new iPhone news.

We have detailed pages on all three rumored new iPhones, and you can find overviews and links to them below.

iPhone 11 / iPhone XI / iPhone X2

The second generation iPhone X

As the heading suggests, it's not totally clear what Apple will call the first of three new iPhones for 2018. 

Current rumors point towards the cleaner iPhone 11 name, but this is a handset that's set to replace the iPhone X, so names such as the iPhone XI and iPhone X2 are not out of the question.

iPhone 9 Plus / iPhone 11 Plus

A super-sized version of the iPhone X replacement

The iPhone 9 Plus would be an obvious new iPhone candidate for 2018 as it would follow on from the iPhone 8 Plus, but the more iPhone leaks we see the less confident we are that it'll arrive.

Instead, it looks like we'll get a super-sized version of Apple's premium handset, with the iPhone 11 Plus tipped to arrive alongside the iPhone X replacement (the iPhone 11).

iPhone 9

Apple’s entry-level new iPhone won’t be cheap

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus are set to be pricey additions to the iPhone Hall of Fame, and Apple would be wise to offer a more affordable option as well.

This is where the rumored iPhone 9 comes in, offering up a smaller display than the other two handsets, but still maintaining the notch and slender bezels.

It won't be cheap, as we expect it to be priced similarly to the iPhone 8, but it will at least offer a slightly more accessible option in the new iPhone lineup. 

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