Netflix adds SD card support so you can stock up on your favorite shows

Netflix adding offline viewing last fall was already hazardous to our free time, but now the streaming service is giving watchers a new way to take shows with with them.

Starting today, Netflix users on Android devices can choose to download their shows for offline viewing on an SD card – allowing them to take as much programming with them as their expandable storage allows.

Saving shows is the same as before, but now an added "Download Location" setting allows your content to save to your removable card rather than the device's internal storage.

Though welcome be Netflix's latest trick, it's not the sole name in the biz offering offline viewing. Amazon Prime Instant Video has been storing TV and movies locally for a while now and Hulu is not far behind, considering taking the offline plunge for itself later this year.

Android users can access SD storage on the newest version of the Netflix app via the Google Play store starting today. The iOS version, sadly, only advertises bug fixes in today's update because, well, iPhones and iPads don't exactly have SD slots.

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