Mobile Industry Awards 2018 – new B2B and Distribution categories for 2018

From the boardroom to the grassroots, the 2018 Mobile Industry Awards look to reward excellence across the industry.

With the awards now entering our 16th year, we constantly strive to ensure that our award categories reflect the fantastic job done industry wide.

So for this years event, we are delighted to announce a change to our well established and distinguished B2B, Service and Distribution categories, ensuring that the best distributors for Consumer Technology, Mobile Solutions and Emerging Technology can go head to head.

To support these changes to the Distribution awards, we are also announcing the addition of Best Recycling and Recommerce Service, Managed Services Provider of the Year and Most Innovative Service to our B2B , Service and Distribution categories. 

Entries will open for submissions on Wednesday 28th February 2018. 

– Submission deadline is Thursday 29th March 2018.

 So what are we looking for in the winners of these new awards? 

  • Best Distributor – Consumer Technology

The distributor that is leading the way in flexibility, speed and ingenuity, the core ingredients in giving retailers the right product at the right price, right now.


  • Best Distributor – Mobile Solutions

With the rise of converged services, distributors have remained at the forefront of innovation in recent years, with the challenge of being both niche specialists and all encompassing vendors. Competition continues to be rife and a business needs to be sharp, fast moving and have a firm grasp of costs if they are to thrive. This award celebrates the best of this sector.


 Innovation: business technical services

  • Best Distributor – Emerging Technology

This category recognises distributors that are true incubators of technology that is new and disruptive to market. The ability to identify new technology trends and harness them to benefit their business and that of their partners will also be taken into account. Entrants must prove that they have assisted their retailers , resellers and vendor partners to build a profitable business in 2018 using this technology.


  • Best Recycling and ReCommerce Service 

This category recognises the service that has had the most impact on its clients in the past year. The market for recycling, refurbishing and repair has grown exponentially with successful propositions providing crucial revenue streams for many different areas of the industry. This award is for the service which stands above all others by proving its value to partners.


 Overall excellence in delivery of service to a partner 

  • Best Unified Comms Dealer

No longer a niche but a necessity in the business communications market, unified comms continues to expand in both market potential and definition. As dealers compete to provide a complete service for their clients, this category examines the success, innovations, skills and opportunities developed along the way.


  • Managed Services Provider of the Year

This category recognises the  services provider that manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of services to its clients either proactively or as the MSP 


  • Most Innovative Service

As customers demands change the need for innovative services such as portals , apps and services are becoming a vital requirement for business users . This category recognises the  partner who continues to deliver an innovative service and as such will be judged from the Other submissions.

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