Microsoft Launcher Beta for Android released with bug fixes, new features

The Microsoft Launcher app for Android smartphones just got a new update today. The update is exclusively for beta users as of now. It has features such as scrollable wallpapers, daily backgrounds by Bing, and app notification control. The update, reportedly more streamlined for Android, has also fixed previous bugs and issues users had complained about. 

Features rundown

Custom Bing wallpapers

First of all, Microsoft Launcher Beta users will now get daily backgrounds from Bing as well as the option to curate a set of wallpapers on their own. The wallpapers will be scrollable as well, that is, the background image will move as the user scrolls from left to right through their phones. 

Calendar notification on lock screen

Second, the user will be able to control notifications from apps for specific services. Basically, the badge notification will now be customisable to a certain extent. Speaking of notifications, Microsoft Launcher Beta users will also be able to get their calendar notifications on the lock screen, a feature that wasn’t available before.

The user interface (UI) features have been improved on four fronts. There’s a simplified long press app context menu, a different approach to the “What’s New” experience, support for moving and cloning apps to folders, and last, bugs on the feedback and help page have been taken care of. So now when there’s an issue with the app, reporting feedback via the Feedback page will actually work.

Once the Microsoft Launcher Beta passes through successful testing, the update will be rolled out to public users in the coming weeks. The app is available through the Play Store, if you don’t have it yet and think it’s worth the experience.

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