Meet Trump's archenemy on Twitter


If the pages of future history books must inevitably address the Trump Twitter Wars, social media feuds such as the Hamilton Affair, the New York Times Crusades, and the Battle of Baldwin will undoubtedly feature heavily. 

However, the Zukeronic Wars of 2013 might just warrant their own chapter.

The prolific sparring between Danny Zuker — a writer and executive producer for Modern Family — and Donald Trump over the course of several months in 2013 may indeed be one of the President-elect’s most infamous online disputes.  

Zuker has remained a scathing critic of Trump throughout his campaign and following his election. When Mashable caught up with the comedy writer via Skype, he was holed up in a hotel room somewhere in Los Angeles to finish work on a script (Zuker explained that when he has a due-date approaching, he prefers “to not have anyone around except room service and a mini bar.”)  Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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