Magic Leap selects AT&T as the exclusive wireless carrier for its AR goggles

AT&T is set to become the exclusive wireless carrier for the Magic Leap One augmented reality (AR) glasses, the mobile giant announced today.

Magic Leap has yet to put a product on the market, but its Magic Leap One: Creator Editing goggles are generating plenty of buzz and are set to ship to developers and designers later this year.

While we have yet to see a working model of the spatial computing glasses, just last month Magic Leap gave us a closer look at the hardware, including how it will sit on users' heads. 

AT&T customers will be able to try out Magic Leap One for themselves in select stores when the goggles go on sale to consumers. 

From the sound of AT&T's press release, AT&T's work in building out 5G connectivity is a major reason why it was chosen as an exclusive partner. 

The Magic Leap One demos that have been published are impressive, with digitally rendered jellyfish, Star Wars and more floating through the real world. 

However, Magic Leap has also been beset by rumors that its tech isn't as impressive as it's been made out to be. The company has a lot to prove to show that Magic Leap One is as good as advertised. And, justify what will be a very high price

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