Kodak is using nostalgia to win its way back into your heart



For many of us, or at least those born before the 2000s, Kodak can really bring back memories.

It was the company behind those hunky yellow disposable cameras of the ’90s. It was a pioneer in photography and motion picture film, breaking into the industry back in the 1880s. 

But with a withering name that’s now more nostalgic than contemporary, the 128-year-old company is now vying for its place in the digital world, with a new app and camera phone leading the way.

Kodak is banking on that love of the past, a tactic it’s used before and continues to push time and time again. 

Kodak’s new camera phone, now available across the UK and Europe, has a vintage design with leather lining that clings onto what’s retro. While it’s all about modern photo technology, it’s still very clearly playing off the original Ektra camera from the 1940s. Read more…

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Source: Mashable

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