Kingdom Hearts 3 release date confirmed

If you thought you were going to need to wait until Monday’s Square Enix E3 press conference to find out the Kingdom Hearts 3 release date you thought wrong. Because Square Enix announced it on Saturday June 10. Via Twitter.

In the short but sweet tweet, it was confirmed that the game will come to PS4 and Xbox One on January 29 2019. So, to all of you fans that have waited 13 years since the release of Kingdom Hearts 2, you now have a solid release date to hold onto and only have a few more months to wait. 

Although it might seem odd to fly in the face of its press conference, this is the day that the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra world tour starts in Los Angeles so it seems that Square Enix is getting into the spirit of things.

Square Enix had originally said that Kingdom Hearts 3 would be out in 2018 so in some ways this is a delay on what was promised. 

Fortunately, it’s only around a month into the new year and at this point we've waited so long at this point that another month is nothing if it means the game is the best it can be. 

TechRadar is reporting live from E3 in Los Angeles this week and we’ll be bringing you more news and hands-on impressions of Kingdom Hearts 3 very soon. 

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