Huawei Watch GT listed on the Huawei website, won’t have Wear OS

We've heard lots about the Huawei Watch GT in the last two weeks, but the latest leak is the most comprehensive yet and it comes from an early listing on Huawei's own website.

Huawei put details about the watch up, and has since removed them, where it confirms the Watch GT will be running its own software rather than using Wear OS like some had hoped for. We also got a good look at the watch in the picture above.

That's not all we learnt though – there are a lot of specs from this leak including confirmation of a 1.39-inch AMOLED display with a resolution of 454 x 454. We also know the watch is set to be made out of aluminum and ceramic.

There's a 420mAh battery inside, which previous leaks have suggested will allow the watch to run for 30 days in a standard watch mode and offer around 22 hours of GPS tracking exercise focused wearers.

Goodbye Wear OS

A lot of that improved battery life is probably down to the fact there don't seem to be third-party apps on the watch. Instead you'll have Huawei made tools for notifications, fitness, calendar and more.

The listing also suggests it'll come with a heart-rate monitor, sleeping monitoring and something called TruRelax atmospheric pressure monitoring too.

The last interesting element in the listing is where it says your phone will need to be running EMUI 9 software to be able to use it with this watch.

That's Huawei's own version of Android 9 Pie software, and it may be you can use it with other Android phones as well, but so far this suggests it may be an exclusive device for those who own a Huawei phone.

We hope to learn everything about the Huawei Watch GT at the Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro launch that's set for next week on October 16.

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