How to watch the Whyte vs Parker fight: live stream the boxing online from anywhere

Whyte vs Parker has a real number one contender fight feel about it. New Zealander Joseph Parker is taking on the Brit as a potential way to get another shot at the WBO heavyweight title against Anthony Joshua who beat him for the belt in March. Parker won many fans in the way he handled himself in the run up to his Joshua title fight before going the full 12-rounds.

Since Londoner Dillian Whyte himself lost to compatriot Joshua in 2015, he's had some impressive wins in the heavyweight division. He too will feel that he should have another fight with the champ.

So, essentially, this fight is to prove which man has got what it take to have another shot at the title. Both fighters have lost only once before, both to…that's right…Anthony Joshua. Whyte has just had seven successive wins while Parker can clearly go the distance after that 12-round epic. As it stands Whyte has a total of 24 fights with 23 wins, 17 KOs while Parker has a 25 fight career with 24 wins, 18 KOs – it doesn't get much closer than that.

This could be either fighter's win and you don't want to miss it. That's where TechRadar comes in – we'll tell you your viewing options in the UK, US and New Zealand, and have a top tip for how to live stream Dillian Whyte vs Joshua Parker regardless of where on Earth you are.

Live stream Whyte vs Parker from anywhere with a VPN 

How watch Whyte vs Parker fight: UK stream

The Sky Box Office UK price of £24.95 (or £19.95 before Saturday) works out at just $35 so it's by far the cheapest PPV stream of the Whyte vs Parker fight available online this weekend anywhere in the world. You can tune into this stream from anywhere in the world using a VPN

How to watch Whyte vs Parker: New Zealand stream

How to watch Whyte vs Parker: US stream

Sorry American grapple fans, the Whyte vs Parker fight doesn't seem to have found a home in the US. So you'll need to check out our advice above for international viewers.

For you US-based folks, you'll need a VPN to watch this live stream

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