How to watch the Crawford vs Horn fight: live stream the boxing from anywhere

On a busy day for boxing fans, this is the fight that purists are really interested in – Crawford vs Horn. There's already been drama at the weigh-in, the trash has been talked, and you can live stream the whole thing from the comfort of your own sofa from anywhere in the world.

Terence Crawford has been the dominant force at lightweight and light welterweight divisions for a good four years now. With his 32 wins from 32 bouts, the American is now stepping up to be the main man among the welterweights, and he's the hot favorite.

But Aussie Jeff Horn is the reigning WBO champion and he won't be giving it up easily. "The Hornet", remember, was the vanquisher of the legendary Manny Pacquiao last summer. He may have missed this weekend's first weigh in – an act of sabotage, he called it – but there's little doubt that he'll be ready for the Crawford challenge at the MGM Grand.

To ensure you can see the whole thing in real time so you don't miss any of the action, we've put together this guide to help you watch a Crawford vs Horn live stream – it's actually possible to do so for free in certain regions. As with most boxing, it's not always available in every country so you may find a VPN is the best way to stream the fight, which you'll find out all about below.

How to watch Crawford vs Horn for FREE: US stream

How to watch Crawford vs Horn in Australia

How to watch Crawford vs Horn fight in the UK

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