Here’s more evidence the Samsung Galaxy S9 price will be higher

Signs continue to affirm that our exclusive pricing info for the Samsung Galaxy S9 is correct. While initially rumored to cost £100 more than the Galaxy S8 launched for, another major source has put forward information that more or less confirms a slightly better, but still expensive price for the phone ahead of its February 25 launch at MWC 2018.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 will launch in European regions for €841, according to info acquired by Evan Blass. After crunching some numbers, this price converts to around £742 for the S9 – just a mere three pounds off our source’s information.

Today’s leaked S9 Plus price pins bigger phone's cost at €997, which converts to roughly £880. It’s always possible that Samsung will price the phone higher in certain regions, but we have good reason to believe that our source’s information is accurate, with the asking price for the Galaxy S9 Plus sitting at £829.

Here's why: the gap in price between last year’s Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus was £90 and, barring any major shifts in pricing structure, we expect the company to follow suit with this year’s flagship duo.

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