Here are the cool new watch faces on the Apple Watch 4

At the launch of the new Apple Watch 4, it was a bit of a scrum to get some decent hands on time with the device (especially against the backdrop of grabbing time with three new iPhones as well).

But in the melee there was something cool that we checked out – the new Apple Watch 4 faces that are coming with the new device.

The elemental faces – water, vapor, liquid metal and fire – are new to the mix, as well as the new breathe face (which also comes in three variants). 

You can have these filling the screen, or with complications around the edge of a circular version of them. 

We're waiting for confirmation that older watches running WatchOS 5 will be able to make use of the above new faces – it might be tricky given the shape of the devices has altered.

The new multi-informative screens, containing eight complications, would be less likely to come to the older screens as they require more space – so for now, to get all the above faces for certain you'll need to fork out for the new Apple Watch Series 4.

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